Darkside Cast Over Sydney Yesterday

Last night Nicolas Jaar and Dave Harrington of Darkside led Sydney fans through a seamless journey across prog rock, industrial electronic edged tones, dark funk and house. Progressing from points of abstraction and then arriving at a fully formed compositions tweaked and altered to perfection, leaving the crowd at The Hi-Fi hypnotised.

I honestly felt that I was watching a piece of performance art that made you want to dance or just silently gawk in awe. I did both and feel incredibly lucky for it.

And also lucky that I caught their spot on Mornings with Steven Ferris on Sydney’s FBi; where the pair put together a playlist of songs from the stations library (see below). Along with the tracks they selected it was nice hearing how funny the guys are, with Jaar mentioning that they could do an “Alanis Moriside” project as their next reworking following last years Daftside, their brilliant full album remix of Daft Punks Random Access Memories. They described Daftside as the 2 week “Bloody Mary” hangover cure after the intense 2 year period it took to record their debut Psychic so hopefully they just continue to produce hangover cures after every album. I don’t think anyone would mind.



The back to back selection from Dave Harrington and Nicolas Jaar:

#1 Dave: The Allman Brothers Band – Ain’t Wastin’ Time No More


#2 Nicolas: Leon Parker – Ray Of Light


#3 Dave: The Art Ensemble of Chicago – The Bell Piece


#4Nicolas: Man Friday – Love Honey, Love Heartache (Larry Levan’s Original Unreleased Garage Demo Mix)


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