The Journey of I’ll Take Care of You

Tonight a fascinating  trail to the original version of I’ll Take Care Of You written by Brooke Benton and sung by Blues and Soul Singer Bobby Bland was found after stumbling upon this fantastic playlist from XL Recordings; tracking the journey of I’ll Take Care Of You: from 1959 to Now (all thanks to late night listening of Jamie xx remix of My Cloud by Gill Scott-Heron).

It’s so refreshing to follow such a beautiful song being covered and evolving into so many original and heartfelt renditions; which of recent times don’t seem to follow that trend. Often pleasantness and staying a bit too true to the original is preferred over using the original as a starting point for inspiration. So it’s nice to hear the end of the journey for this song (so far), with The XX taking it on (after a third of their party had remixed it previously no less).They present a cover so far removed from where the song started, but show it such respect by being so pioneering in their originality of twisting and turning the journey that it’s been on.  Now the hunt for more covers that are just as compelling is on… whilst playing the Bobby Bland I’ll Take Care Of You over and over.